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Top 10 Trading Solutions Companies - 2022

The financial trading space is growing steadily as the digital trading experience brings a transformation in how trades are conducted. According to Fortune Business Insights, the global online trading platform market is expected to reach USD 12.16 billion in 2028, with a CAGR of 5.1 percent between 2021 and 2028.

The chief drivers of this growth are the increasing sweep of digitalization in the financial world and the mounting realization among trading organizations that the future of trading is in the cloud. Financial institutions dealing in securities and commodity trade have already started noticing the investment and trading opportunities that digital assets provide. Digital assets, particularly in areas such as tokenization, decentralized finance, and smart contracts, have also captured the attention of traders due to their potential to create smarter, frictionless, and more efficient trading markets.

This edition of Financial Services Review brings to light the key developments in the trading solutions space and how financial institutions both on the buy and sell sides are leveraging the latest tech solutions to continually digitize their securities and commodity trading operations. It features thought leadership articles from Andreas Uremovic, Global Head of Investment Portfolio Compliance at Allianz Global Investors, and Dan Bailey, SVP, Operational Risk Management at Gateway First Bank. They speak about the need to adopt automation to streamline and augment compliance management in investment portfolios and how this digital transformation brings new risks that have to be effectively managed.

The edition also features an innovative cryptocurrency exchange platform from CEX.IO, which facilitates easy, instant cryptocurrency purchases with seamless liquidity aggregation. Along with this, the edition features a comprehensive trading platform from MBS Source that plays a pivotal role in automating, streamlining, digitizing, and consolidating the historically fragmented mortgage-and asset-backed securities trading market.

In this edition featuring top trading solution providers, we hope you find the appropriate company to enhance and optimize your digital trading operations.

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    Top Trading Solutions Companies

  • ORATS offers products built to help options traders be more informed and data-driven. The company provides investment advisors and retail traders access to both industry-standard options data and a plethora of proprietary information, which includes forecasts, implied volatility summaries, and historical volatility readings.


  • CEX.IO works to connect people and businesses with opportunities in cryptocurrencies and decentralized finance.


  • MBS Source's platform is an all-to-all electronic institutional marketplace for mortgage- and asset-backed securities that connects pre-and post-trading processes and streamlines trader workflows




    E*TRADE is the pioneer of online trading for retail investors and now part of Morgan Stanley, a leading global financial services firm renowned for the quality of its wealth management, investment advisory services, research, and market insights

  • Interactive Brokers

    Interactive Brokers

    Interactive Brokers aims to provide an exceptionally inexpensive and versatile platform for their clients to manage their finances

  • Orion Multi-Trader

    Orion Multi-Trader

    Orion Multi-Trader company's software provides a suite of multi-asset, broker-neutral platforms that feature trade execution, order and position management as well as workflow automation, enabling end-users including individual investors, fund managers and brokers to get access to the global markets

  • Pragma


    Pragma is providing great algorithmic trading solutions. Working with Pragma allows their clients to focus their resources on their core business

  • TD Ameritrade

    TD Ameritrade

    TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation, through its subsidiaries, provides securities brokerage services and technology-based financial services in the United States

  • Trade Ideas

    Trade Ideas

    Trade-Ideas provides real-time decision support and risk management for trading equity and derivative instruments based on statistical analysis of market technicals

  • ViewTrade Securities

    ViewTrade Securities

    ViewTrade Securities provides solutions to meet the technology, information and brokerage needs of brokerage firms and banks worldwide

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